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Asset Management Funds

The Meissner firm investigating potential claims by investors who were recommended the unsuitable sale by Securities America broker Randall Ray Talbott and other of Medical Capital Holdings
The Meissner Firm Investigating Bank of America Structured Products
Lehman Brothers “One Hundred Percent Protected” Principal Protected Notes (PPN)
The Morgan Keegan Bond Funds
Rhonda Breard and ING Financial
Wells Fargo Financial Investments and Sale of Market Linked Certificates of Deposits
Collateralized Debt Obligation Investigation
Provident Royalties Fraud/Ponzi Scheme
Citigroup’s ASTA and MAT Funds:
Oppenheimer Champion Income Fund:
Oppenheimer Core Bond Fund
The Aravali Fund
Preferred Financial Stocks
Td Ameritrade Reserve Yield Plus Fund
Shay Financial Services, Inc
ABACUS and Goldman Sachs

The Meissner firm has received calls and is currently investigating potential claims by small community banks and others regarding losses suffered as a result of recommendations by Shay Financial Services, Inc., regarding the purchase of Asset Management Funds. The AMF Funds include the U.S. Government Mortgage Fund (ASMTX), Intermediate Mortgage Fund (ASCPX), Short U.S. Government Fund (ASITX), Ultra Short Mortgage Fund (ASARX), and the Ultra Short Fund (AULTX). The AMF Funds suffered severe losses due to over-concentrated investments in speculative illiquid assets and leveraged structured products. Such investments may have been unsuitable or misrepresented to you  as a result of the firm’s failure to properly disclose the risks associated with the investments made in the AMF Funds and you may have legal recourse to recoup losses suffered as a result of such investments.

Further, the Meissner Firm has received calls and is currently investigating misrepresentations and failures to disclose material information by Shay Financial Services, Inc., with regards to the following Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO’s):

  • SunTrust Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Trust SER 2007-1 CL-1A2
  • WAMU Mortgage Pass Thru CTFS SER 2003-AR7 B3
  • Countrywide Alternative Loan & Trust – CWALT 2005-14 IB2
  • American Home Mortgage Assets – AHMA 2005-1 CB3
  • GSR Mortgage Loan Trust – GSR 2007-ARl 4A2
  • Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc  – CMLTI 2006-AR5 145B –
  • First Horizon Mortgage Pass Through Trust – FHASI – AR4-2A2
  • Wachovia Mortgage Loan Trust, LLC – WMLT 2007-A 2A2
  • CNLF 1998-1 E2
  • ML MTG Investors 2003 A-2
  • Salomon Brothers Mortgage 7 2003-NBC 1
  • Structured Asset Secs 2003-20
  • Equity One ABS Inc 2004-3 M-2
  • Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust 2004-1
  • INDX 2004 – AR13 B1
  • Mortgage IT TR 2004-2 A-1
  • Residential Accredit 2005-QA3
  • Residential Accredit 2005-QA4
  • Residential FDG Mortgage 2005-SA3
  • WFMBS 2005-AR12 B1
  • Homebanc Mortgage Trust 2006-1 3 A-1
  • Indymac Indx 2006-AR19 I-B-3
  • Wachovia Mortgage Loan Trust, LLC – WMLT 2006 A 2A2
  • Wells Fargo MBS 2006-AR15 A-1
  • MANA 2007-AF1 AV1


If you were marketed or purchased any of the aforementioned products, and believe you were misled or sold unsuitable products, please contact the Meissner firm, which is nationally known for its record win statistics in FINRA Arbitration, for a free consultation.