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For over ten years Stuart Meissner has been my go-to counselor. Stuart is bright, articulate, and knows the law. He is also extremely accessible. I would never hesitate to recommend Stuart Meissner for legal work or consultation.

Gil Kuta

My case was relatively simple, a small endeavor for Stuart relative to the impact and major settlement’s he’s achieved for his many clients. That said, he made me feel as if my case was the most important one he’s ever argued. His attention to detail and service rendered a “best scenario” outcome that I didn’t think was possible, and now I can move forward with my career. Thank you Stuart!

James Rosenbloom

My case was against a former employer. [Stuart] was GREAT on the case from the filings to the mediation which bypassed the arbitration. He fought for me from the beginning to the end. I was extremely impressed by his knowledge of the opponent and how the case would go. I would recommend him in a heartbeat and retain him again if ever the need arose.

Wendy Morasco

FINRA had sent me several series of questions to answer for 8 months.  It was never ending. My evenings and weekends where consumed with worry and writing responses to events 11 months ago. Stuart, returned my phone call, and followed up. He helped me limit superfluous information and zero in on the questions being asked. This was fairly settled and closed. My life is back to helping my clients.

Raymond Osborn
2014-2016 Unsuitable REIT Investment – Elderly Investor

Thank you for everything that you have done for us! We are so pleased with the outcome of this case and would highly recommend you to anyone in a similar situation! You are an expert in your field !

Raymond, Greenburg PA
2014-2015 Promissory Note and Fraudulent Inducement Case

Stuart You are fearless in facing down the other side. you remind me of “Rocky 1”, making no assumptions that it was going to be an easy win, but left no rock unturned in accomplishing our goal. Thanks.

Michael, Houston TX

Mr. Meissner is an EXCEPTIONAL attorney. He believed in my case from day one and I trusted that with his knowledge and experience that he would be the BEST person to take on my problem. He is very assertive, thorough and smart. He is a WINNER In his field and I want to thank him for what he has done for me and my family!!!

Robin Fratto

I would like to express my appreciation for all the effort and diligence attorney Meissner demonstrated in handling my FINRA arbitration case. He fearlessly faced down not one but two firms – Charles Schwab and Pinnacle Associates – which, in the face of a mountain of evidence, denied wrongdoing to the bitter end. His work ethic, tenacity, attention to detail was a determinant factor in prevailing . . . When you’re up against wrongdoers in the securities industry you need this knowledgeable and experienced securities attorney who will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice.

Maria Fernbach

At Meissner Associates, Mr. Meissner uses his extensive experience to help clients, placing them at ease knowing that an experienced professional is handling their matter competently. The firm represents individuals, professionals, businesses, retirees, institutional investors, corporate clients, charities, and securities employees in matters that require an experienced attorney, who is highly familiar with securities law, employment law, and criminal law, along with a variety of business and investment disputes. As a result of his lengthy experience as a criminal prosecutor the firm handles a variety of legal matters including claims arising from defamatory actions of brokerage firms, improper U5 filings, FINRA issues, stock broker fraud, broker negligence, investor fraud, and a variety of employment disputes within the securities industry including compensation, bonus disputes, contract negotiation, regulatory defense, whistleblower claims/retaliation, Qui Tam claims, Wells Notice responses, subpoena issues, OTR representation before FINRA and the SEC, Martin Act issues, and FINRA arbitration. Securities employees interested in any type of representation which may involve FINRA should also review our entirely FINRA devoted web site:

In his capacity as a tenacious litigator, Mr. Meissner with decades of legal experience, draws from his years of litigation experience accrued at the NYS Attorney General’s Office, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and private practice to assist his clients who have lauded his work on their behalf over the years.

If you are a possible SEC or CFTC whistleblower and are seeking competent, strictly confidential legal representation, we have the lengthy experience and background to assist you with all the many complex issues you will face, and without any upfront legal fees. Stuart Meissner even helped to create the whistleblower rules.

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The Meissner firm offers a free thirty minute phone consultation on any matter. One unlimited in-person consultation is available on any matter for a nominal flat consultation fee, with a waiver of such fee made on a case by case basis with regard to potential contingency based matters. All consultations are kept strictly confidential and maintained as such. However, no formal attorney-client relationship is formed by this submission. Any attorney-client relationship can only be established after all potential conflicts of interest may be investigated, after careful consideration of the all the relevant facts that may pertain to your particular claims or claims, and a written fee agreement is entered into. All claims arising under state or federal law have deadlines, are time sensitive and will be forever barred or lost if not brought within a specified period of time after these events occurred or should have been discovered.

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“No attorney-client relationship in being created with the Meissner firm without a written agreement between the firm and the client.Emailing the Meissner firm, its attorneys or employees does not create an attorney-client relationship.

In addition to the Nyack and New York City locations, the firm is associated with other attorneys and law firms in the Baltimore-Washington, DC vicinity. Mr. Meissner works along side such firms to meet with securities arbitration clients in Maryland, Virginia and Florida.