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Choose the Best New York Criminal Lawyer

9 November, 2012 @ 5:12 by admin

At the Law Offices of Meissner Associates, we stand committed to protecting your legal rights and seeking a  positive outcome to a stressful situation. More often than not, choosing the right attorney to defend your rights proves to be an early turning point in your case. After all, a conviction in a criminal case has a very deep long-term impact on not just you, but also on those you hold dear.

All these factors are reason enough for you to place your trust in the proven track record of the Law Offices of Meissner Associates with over 24 years experience as prosecutor in Manhattan and for the State of New York, as well as a respected defense attorney. We defend numerous professionals in relation to various select first arrest matters throughout the five boroughs of New York City along with Rockland, Westchester and Nassau counties. As a New York criminal lawyer, our approach towards every case is decidedly tactical so as to successfully uphold your reputation and professional standing. Mr. Meissner has prosecuted and/or defended hundreds of individuals accused in criminal matters such as assaults, financial frauds, securities violations, disorderly conduct, drug possession, frauds, mortgage fraud, business record issues, DUI and DWI cases, internet-related offences, theft, domestic violence, and much more.

The key differentiator

If we were to define our key differentiator in just one word, it would be ‘experience’. Attorney Stuart D. Meissner has been a prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and New York State Attorney General’s office. He has also appeared in State and Federal Courts across New York State, defending his clients in criminal matters ranging minor crimes to crimes of a significant degree. The fact that Attorney Stuart D. Meissner has handled thousands of cases in his career drives home the point. Thus, it’s hardly surprising that Attorney Meissner stands as a highly respected New York criminal lawyer today.

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If you are looking to enlist the services of a New York criminal lawyer, you might want to call for a free confidential phone consultation with an experienced lawyer at the Law Offices of Meissner Associates. Call us Toll Free at (866) 764-3100 or visit us at https://www.smeissner.com/.