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Meissner’s Unbroken Record of Successive Wins

Since 2001, the law offices of Meissner Associates have successfully represented individual investors, retirees, institutional investors, corporate clients, charities, and employee option recipients. The firm has gained a veritable reputation for representing these parties in matters such as stock broker fraud, broker negligence, and investor fraud. We represent matters that require the guidance of investor fraud attorneys to evaluate claims arising from such cases.

The Meissner Advantage

The Meissner firm boasts of a notable record of never having lost any in-person investor arbitration hearing. Consumers or individual investors represented by the firm stand to benefit from this expertise. Mr. Meissner brings to the table a rich and varied experience as a New York prosecutor for the New York Attorney General and Manhattan DA’s office, and as a Senior Associate at a firm defending brokerage houses.

Key Differentiators

We owe much of our success to our selective approach towards arbitration cases. Simply stated, the Meissner firm’s arbitration lawyers accept a limited number of cases and put their all into winning each of them. Our team comprises highly experienced and knowledgeable arbitration attorneys that can build a strong case for you. Our attorneys are familiar with the intricacies associated with the securities law, and know precisely how we can use it to your advantage. To enlist the services of FINRA attorneys, we encourage you to contact the Meissner firm.

We Can Help

Legal disputes often have a tremendous financial and emotional impact on clients, and at the Meissner firm, we strive to minimize this impact by selecting the best arbitration lawyers. You could start with a free confidential phone consultation by speaking with us at Toll Free (866) 764 3100. To learn more about our Practice Areas, please visit our website www.smeissner.com.