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Arbitration Attorneys Give You a Superior Advantage

22 November, 2012 @ 4:05 by admin

As an individual investor, company or institutional investor, when you consult with arbitration attorneys at the Law Offices of Stuart D. Meissner, you shall notice several unique attributes of our services. Interestingly, these very attributes are also what set us apart from other law firms that claim to represent investors.

The Key to Our Successive Victories

Our three-step formula has never failed us till date—we’ve never lost any in-person investor arbitration hearing! Here’s our approach:

  • First off, we screen each case carefully before we commit on your matter. Attorney Stuart D. Meissner uses his keen judgment and experience as a former prosecutor when screening cases.
  • Secondly, we don’t hesitate to follow a selective approach at the time of accepting a case. We have refused to adopt the ‘mill’ approach while accepting securities arbitration matters.
  • Finally, when we do accept your securities arbitration matter, we put our all into defending you. Thus, our arbitration attorneys are able to focus on winning every single case that we accept.


The Best Minds are Deployed on Your Case

Attorney Meissner directly supervises any case that the firm is retained on, keeping an eye on the finer nuances of every client matter and suggesting a tactical approach. In addition to Attorney Meissner’s supervision, we also bank on the experience and expertise of the following professionals:

  • Independent external experts with supervisory experience in major brokerage houses
  • Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) with a proven background in financial planning
  • Industry experts in damage analysis


When you have some of the best minds and arbitration attorneys in the industry collectively analyzing and guiding your matter, a positive outcome is a given. We can represent you in a variety of securities fraud and negligence matters.

For more details on this area of our practice, visit us at https://www.smeissner.com/practice-areas/investment-negligence-fraud/securities-arbitration/ or visit us at https://www.smeissner.com/ for information pertaining to our other practice areas. Alternatively, you could contact our offices for a free confidential phone consultation at Toll Free (866) 764-3100.

*Disclaimer: Never lost any in-person investor arbitration hearing.