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Meissner Firm Client Awarded 22.4+ Million Dollars in 2nd Highest SEC Whistleblower Award

As well reported in the press by Reuters, AP, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, CNBC, and many other publications, the SEC has announced  that our client will receive a 22.4+ millionSEC whistle blower dollar award for submission and cooperation with the SEC’s investigation into conglomerate  Monsanto Co.  The award amounted to 28% out of maximum of 30% that he could have been awarded under the Dodd Frank SEC Whistleblower program. 

Meissner Associates, a SEC Whistleblower Attorney law firm was instrumental in assisting the SEC in its formulation of its Whistleblower Rules implementing Dodd Frank in 2010-2011, which assistance is documented within the published rules themselves . Mr. Meissner also participated in lobbying the Commission itself, so as to make the rules whistleblower friendly.  The award emanated from the SEC’s 80 million dollar settlement with Monsanto this past February for accounting related violations and misstatement of earnings. The Meissner firm in a press release thanked the SEC for its persistence and its aggressive prosecution of the case. While praising the SEC, Mr. Meissner raised a general concern related to the outside auditors of Monsanto stating:

 “When auditors are allowed to audit their own mistakes, it is difficult for them to be independent and objective. And when independence is impaired the professional skepticism needed to recognize and flush out improprieties by management is not present. Professional skepticism of the auditor is the last line of defense for a management team that may have a clear bias in reporting positive results. “

The Meissner firm has an entire web site devoted to SEC Whistleblower Claims , so that potential whistleblowers may confidentially submit tips and potentially obtain 10-30% of the amount recovered by any SEC prosecution.