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Mistakes When Selecting a New York Criminal Lawyer

7 December, 2012 @ 4:08 by admin

Irrespective of whether you are facing a minor criminal charge or a serious one, it is your right and duty to make a well-informed choice when opting for professional criminal defense. At the law offices of Stuart D. Meissner, we have seen enough cases that have reiterated this point, especially in first time criminal charges.

Keeping these aspects in view, the Law Offices of Stuart D Meissner decided to give you an unbiased guide to choosing a good New York Criminal Lawyer.

Here are some mistakes that are best avoided when dealing with a case that could make or break your very reputation:

  • Don’t go with the first law firm that you come across. You might have pressing concerns about your case, but a hasty decision could make matters worse.
  • Don’t undermine the power of the internet. Yes, the yellow pages or other directories have been the conventional choice. But would you rather call each number in there and rely on guesswork? Or would you rather search the internet to instantly find and compare the best lawyers and their proficiency?
  • If your lawyer doesn’t have several decades of experience, your case might not be in safe hands. So, don’t try to save a few dollars as fees because an unfavorable verdict could even cost you your livelihood. Moreover, an experienced lawyer likely knows many of the participants, prosecutors and judges from his past experience. This factor helps your firm to evaluate cases better and achieve positive results.
  • Once you have drawn up a list of the prospective attorneys, don’t forget to visit the website of each one of them. If you find that your chosen New York Criminal Lawyer has an exceptionally great record of successive wins, waste no time in arranging for an initial consultation.


At the law offices of Stuart D. Meissner, LLC, we have represented individuals accused of criminal matters such as assault, harassment, DUI, internet related offences, financial frauds of varying degrees, forgery, theft, gun possession charges, domestic violence, and more. Our New York Criminal Lawyer team has represented clients in federal, local, and state courts. To arrange for a free initial consultation, speak with us at Toll Free (866) 764-3100.