UBS Willow Fund Misleads Investors – Liquidating

As per the New York Times on March 31, 2013 – the Willow Fund was a closed end investment fund sold to “so called” accredited investors. The Fund Manager decided on his own to redirect the investments within such, not to distressed debt instruments” which is what the investors understood they were investing by investing in such fund. On the first quarter of 2012 the fund lost almost 89% in its valuation. Willow funds were primarily sold to them by UBS.The fund is now in liquidation mode scheduled to liquidate in June of this year to distribute funds. Apparently the fund manager decided he wished to take on significantly more risk by investing in risky credit default swaps of European and other countries. Unfortunately his bet with other people’s money, without their knowledge, went in the wrong direction.

We are now reviewing cases involving the Willow Fund and UBS as the seller, so if you or someone you know, were invested in this fund and suffered substantial losses, contact the Meissner firm for a free evaluation.