June 15, 2024

What Does Stockbroker Breach of Fiduciary Duty Mean?

The stockbroker breach of fiduciary duty, more commonly referred to as the duty of fair dealing, is a law that requires brokers to always be working in the best interests of their investors.

You might think that this should go without saying, and you’re right. But unscrupulous stockbrokers are more common than you might be aware of, and in some cases, these brokers are even encouraged by their brokerage firms to engage in misconduct, as long as they are bringing in a profit.

Below, we examine what the elements of the duty of fair dealing are and what your options are for obtaining restitution when you’ve suffered substantial stock losses due to broker misconduct.

Elements of the Duty of Fair Dealing

For a stockbroker to uphold their fiduciary duty, there are certain responsibilities they have to uphold regarding their investors. To start, brokers must always make suitable investment recommendations. The broker must have reason to believe that the recommendations they make align with their investors’ objectives as outlined in their investment portfolio.

What’s more, stockbrokers are obligated to do their due diligence and research potential investment opportunities, ensure that securities are being traded or sold at fair market value, and inform their investors of opportunities that may be a conflict of interest.

If a stockbroker engages in conduct that does not adhere to the duty of fair dealing and you suffer as a result of this recklessness, your broker should be ordered to repay you.

How to Hold Your Dishonest Stockbroker Liable for Your Stock Losses

There are several different ways you can go about bringing your scheming stockbroker to justice, but the most commonly sought resolution is through FINRA arbitration. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) accepts complaints and hears cases of alleged stockbroker misconduct.

Your lawyer will present evidence to prove your broker has breached their fiduciary duty so you can ideally be awarded the restitution you’re entitled to.

Speak with a Stockbroker Negligence Attorney

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