June 15, 2024

Employment Disputes & Arbitration Defense

Employment Disputes & Arbitration Defense

As most employment disputes within the securities industry must be heard in FINRA arbitration, the Meissner firm are FINRA Attorneys who aggressively represent individual registered representatives against large and small broker dealers and investment banking firms in matters as diverse as bonus disputes, defamation claims, wrongful discharge claims, breach of contract claims, fraudulent inducement claims in relation to failed transitions to new firms, and other similar matters. Those impacted by a wrongful discharge know the domino effect such may have on one’s career, including unemployment, defamation, U5 issues, FINRA Enforcement Issues, sudden requirement to pay back large promissory note debts to one’s former employer. While most employees in the securities industry are considered “at will” employees, depending upon the facts and the state one is employed in, the Meissner firm is experienced circumventing the limitations of not having an employment contract. For more detailed information see our FINRA Attorney Blog posting on Wrongful Discharge and the Nightmare Scenario. The Meissner firm is well known among industry participants as providing aggressive and professional representation which has led to significant settlements and awards against industry leaders on behalf of employees and even complex independent contractor claims against independent firms such as LPL Financial. Often times such issues arise in relation to when a broker departs a firm and the firm seeks reimbursement on a promissory note provided to the broker when he or she was originally recruited and the Meissner firm represents individuals with regard to such broker promissory note matters as well.

In addition, the Meissner firm selectively defends individual brokers who are wrongfully named in arbitrations. An example of such representation was highlighted in the Agarwal award where the firm was retained to defend a wrongfully named individual broker against a claim seeking over $600,000. Although the owners of the firm were the subject of criminal prosecution for securities violations, the Meissner firm was successful in distinguishing between its young client and the owners of the firm. As a result of a carefully planned and executed defense by the Meissner firm representing a New York broker in Omaha Nebraska against a local Claimant and an Omaha Nebraska Panel, the firm utilized the resources of a handwriting expert in its unique defense in successfully defending and completely vindicating its Client.

As a result, the Panel of three distinguished Omaha attorneys dismissed the case on the spot at the hearing, which is unheard of in FINRA arbitration, and in its written award also held the Claimant liable for $2,500 of attorney’s fees and $2,500 in discovery sanctions payable to the firm’s client, in effect turning the tables on the Claimant. The Panel further recommended expungement of the Claim against the broker and ordered the Claimant to pay all the hearing session fees of $6,000. Also please visit our entirely FINRA Attorney web site expanding on FINRA related claims and  law.

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