May 21, 2024

Civil Rights and Discrimination Claims

Civil Rights and Discrimination Claims

The Meissner firm represents industry employees in taking on the major wire houses in seeking justice for their clients. Often times the securities industry is the subject of Discrimination issues, ranging from age, race, sex and national origin discrimination. It is unlawful to discriminate based on such protected classes and if you believe that you have been discriminated against based on such factors and you have either been dismissed from your position, laid off for false unsupported “economic” reasons or re-assigned to a dead end position and/or not provided with the resources promised, contact the Meissner firm so that we may review your claim.

At times firms may compensate others more for doing the same work and discriminate against minorities. Other times firms may create an environment which is not appropriate for the employee. For example the firm may condone the use of adult establishments and the use and/or distribution of inappropriate material over their computer networks resulting in uncomfortable situations for female employees and others. If you would like the Meissner firm to review your situation in a free consultation please contact us.

Unlike other civil rights/employment discrimination firms we focus on the unique aspects of the securities industry and, as with all cases, Mr. Meissner utilizes his vast experience and knowledge of the industry, the press and regulatory agencies to obtain maximum compensation for your injustice and provides personal service and regular consultations throughout the stressful process of litigation.

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