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Meissner FINRA Arbitration Firm Filing New Fraudulent Recruitment Cases Against Citizens Securities 866-764-3100

As Reported recently by well read WealthManagement.com on August 21, 2017, since our record 1.7 Million Dollar FINRA Arbitration Award against Citizens Securities, subsidiary of Citizens Financial Group (NYSE: CFG).  this past July, the Meissner law firm has since been preparing and filing other similar claims of false oral promises being made to other investment advisors and brokers, against Citizens Securities involving similar misleading recruitment tactics employed for years across the country including, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and other places, as referred to in the Wealthmanagement.com article. Such tactics include the alleged offering of false books of business and promises of maintaining specific branch locations to maintain one’s client base, so as to entice employees to join Citizens Securities. Once on board representatives are committed to stay by upfront bonuses which require that the representative stay with the bank or having to immediately pay the sums back. Not withstanding the fact that all representations in the case were all oral and not in writing, the Meissner firm was able to prove they were made and Citizens Securities was held liable by the Pittsburgh Pa panel for 1.5 million in compensatory damages, hundreds of thousands in retroactive interest and thousands of dollars in sanctions for attempting to hide discovery along with having to pay all FINRA forum fees of thousands of dollars.

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