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Fraudulent and Misleading Real Estate Investments

It has been determined that many investors throughout the United States were solicited to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) through fraudulent misrepresentations and omission of material facts; including, but not limited to failure to accurately disclose the risks associated with investing in REITs to individuals seeking conservative investment. Such includes, but is not limited to:

  • The Behringer Harvard Short Term Opportunity Fund;
  • Desert Capital REIT;
  • Cornerstone REIT;
  • Apple REIT.


Individuals who were financially harmed by such include clientele of brokerage firms and banks ranging from:

  • David Lerner & Associates;
  • Merrill Lynch;
  • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney;
  • UBS;
  • Morgan Keegan; and
  • LPL Linsco.


Today, the financial crisis has made REIT fraud more apparent. We are currently investigating claims against brokerage firms for unsuitable recommendations, fraudulent REITS that were Ponzi schemes or failures to disclose high fees and commissions associated with such REITs.

Firms targeted unsophisticated, elderly, retired and conservative customers to invest large concentrations of their net worth is such products, which were often illiquid, while misrepresenting such unsuitable risky investments as alternatives to conservative investments. Many of such non-traded REITs have sustained substantial mark downs in price and/or have been fraudulently over-valued and misrepresented to clients by brokerage firms and/or have become completely illiquid.

If you were a victim of such impropriety and have sustained substantial investment losses by investing in REITs, you may be entitled to recover damages. Please contact the Law Offices of Meissner Associates, which is nationally known for its record win statistics in FINRA Arbitration, toll-free at 866-764-3100 for a free consultation and to explore your legal rights and options.