June 14, 2024

Fee Structure

Law Firm Fee Information

The fees at Meissner Associates depend on the type of matter, the forum involved and the facts related to the case. Unlike other firms, which retain first and ask questions later, the Meissner firm carefully screens all cases, in order to devote extensive time and resources to the preparation of each matter.

With regard to FINRA Arbitration Matters, when representing the client as the Claimant, whether the Client is an investor suing a brokerage firm or an individual securities employee in an employment dispute, if the firm accepts a case, the firm often provides a choice of hourly fee, flat fee, or a modified contingency fee arrangements. Information about each of these fee options is below. The firm can help determine the most cost-effective fee structure in your given situation. Contact the Meissner firm today . Potential Securities Arbitration Claimants should also visit the Cost of Arbitration Page if you wish to review possible costs, unrelated to attorney’s fee in all FINRA arbitrations, although exceptions to filing fees and forum fee issues may be granted by FINRA, upon proof of lack of funds to pay such fees by the client.

Modified contingency fees are offered on most FINRA arbitration Claims and combine a flat fee and a contingency fee, in addition to any third party expenses. This fee structure allows the client and his or her attorney to move ahead with a case when a client is concerned about upfront attorneys’ fees and costs. Such fee structures are typically requested by investor clients in arbitration matters. Contingency based fee arrangements are also offered on SEC  and CFTC Whistle-blower matters pursuant to the Dodd- Frank Banking Reform Act.

Hourly fees depend on the amount of time an attorney spends on the matters and are offered on the select criminal matters the firm accepts retention on as well as on most other matters.

Flat fees are common in matters such as broker promissory note negotiation and reduction, employment severance discharge negotiation, select criminal defense matters, drafting contracts or other documents, or consultations.

Contact the New York law firm of Meissner Associates, to discuss your legal needs in areas such as securities arbitration or misdemeanor defense and to learn more about the Meissner firm’s fee structure.

Stuart D. Meissner is a Manhattan securities fraud lawyer assisting individual investors throughout the United States and internationally. The Meissner firm has represented clients in cities from New York City to London, including Washington D.C., Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia, and states that include Florida, Maryland, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. The firm’s international clients come from England, Sweden, and beyond.