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At Meissner Associates, Mr. Meissner uses his extensive experience to help clients, placing them at ease knowing that an experienced professional is handling their matter competently. The firm represents individuals, professionals, businesses, retirees, institutional investors, corporate clients, charities, and securities employee in matters that require an experienced attorney, who is highly familiar with securities law, employment law, and criminal law, along with a variety of business and investment disputes. As a result of his lengthy experience as a criminal prosecutor the firm handles a variety of legal matters including claims arising from defamatory actions of brokerage firms, improper U5 filings, FINRA issues, stock broker fraud, broker negligence, investor fraud, and a variety of employment disputes within the securities industry including compensation, bonus disputes, contract negotiation, regulatory defense, whistleblower claims/retaliation, Qui Tam claims, Wells Notice responses, subpoena issues, OTR representation before FINRA and the SEC, Martin Act issues, and FINRA arbitration.

In his capacity as a tenacious litigator, Mr. Meissner with decades of legal experience, draws from his years of litigation experience accrued at the NYS Attorney General’s Office, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and private practice to assist his clients who have lauded his work on their behalf over the years.


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However your submission shall be maintained as strictly confidential as the Meissner firm recognizes and honors its potential client's interest in maintaining the privacy of their potential matters, so that we may properly consult with you on your potential matter.

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The Meissner firm offers a free thirty minute phone consultation on any matter. One unlimited in-person consultation is available on any matter for a nominal flat consultation fee, with a waiver of such fee made on a case by case basis with regard to potential contingency based matters. All consultations are kept strictly confidential and maintained as such. However, no formal attorney-client relationship is formed by this submission. Any attorney-client relationship can only be established after all potential conflicts of interest may be investigated, after careful consideration of the all the relevant facts that may pertain to your particular claims or claims, and a written fee agreement is entered into. All claims arising under state or federal law have deadlines, are time sensitive and will be forever barred or lost if not brought within a specified period of time after these events occurred or should have been discovered.

In the Media


  •               2014-2015 Promissory Note and Fraudulent Inducement Case

    Stuart You are fearless in facing down the other side. you remind me of “Rocky 1″, making no assumptions that it was going to be an easy win, but left no rock unturned in accomplishing our goal.  Thanks.

      Michael, Houston Texas

  • 2010 Suitability Case vs. Morgan Stanley

    Thank you for all you did you are the best. By the way, I think of you often and will always remember what a joy it was working with you — especially when the
    checks arrived!  Hope you and your family are well.

    With affection,
    East Meadow, N.Y.

  • 2010 Suitability Case vs. Morgan Stanley

    Once again we would like to tell you and your firm that we are please with the settlement that you negotiated.  Please pass along to Michael that we appreciate all of the work that went into our case. 

    We will be happy to speak with any of your prospective clients. Hope all is well with you Stuart. We appreciate your wonderful help.

    Easton MD.

  • 2009 Auction Rate Securities Matter vs. UBS

    Mr. Meissner:

    We are much relieved and have not enough words to thank you for such good work on our behalf. We also appreciate all the help we got from your staff

    Antatolio P.
    Taveier FL

  • 2009 Churning & Suitability Case vs Oppenheimer & Co.

    Happy New Year…you made my year in 2009.

    Thank you,
    Prescott, Arizona

  • 2008  Suitability Case and Overconcentration Case

    Stuart, just want to thank you very much for all you did for us.

    Staten Island, N.Y.


  • 2007 Senior Employee Whistleblower Case v. Major Wire House

    Dear Stuart:

    I wanted to take a moment look back and personally express my appreciation for all of your efforts in how my was handled and concluded. Needless to say there were numerous venues which you had to choose from, the allegations involved whistle blowing, age discrimination, defamation, securities law violations and as you expected from the firest the multi-billion dollar corporation involved denied all claims and responsibility until the final bell. Your patience and professionalism will never be forgotten by me or my family espeicailly near the end when your counsel was invaluable in letting us make all crucial decisions without pressure but with a clear understanding of what could be won or lost depending on the course we pursued.

    Thank you again,
    Madison, New Jersey

  • 2007 Suitability Case vs. Citigroup Global Markets

    We really appreciate all your efforts on our behalf. 

    Chuck & Kelly
    Boise, Idaho

  • 2007 Employee Stock Option Case vs. Morgan Stanley

    In seriousness, it may take me some time to get used to the reality of 
    winding up with this chunk of change — but seeing the check for yourself  sure
    helps bringing that home.  Maybe I will even make better use of  it this time
    around! Please give me a ring any time you’re in town, and I’ll do the same when I 
    visit the Big Apple

    Washington D.C.

  • 2004 Technology Employee Stock Option Case vs Banc of America Securities:


    We appreciate the hard work, dedication and passion you put into our case we wanted to say “thank you”.

    Robert & Denise,